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At the 2007 James Beard Awards 

Clockwise from left: Belle, Gaylon, Heidi and Liv



Besides our the website, Spatulatta produces quality television and video programs for children and adults in the field of cooking, health, nutrition and kitchen safety. 

We present cooking demonstrations and classes at schools, libraries, street fairs and conventions. With content easily accessible by both children and adults, our demonstrations and classes include information about nutrition, basic cooking skills, kitchen safety and how food figures into our culture.

We also provide in-service training on nutrition, health and kitchen safety for teachers, social workers and child care providers.

Award-winning content producers, Spatulatta can publish brochures and other printed material in the area of nutrition and kitchen safety for your organization. 

For more information or to book an event, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Co-host Isabella Gerasole, 17
When Isabella “Belle” Gerasole was 10 she hated rapini, but it least she knew what it was.  Over the years as co-host of the James Beard Award-winning website, Belle has been delighted to experience new foods and show other kids how to prepare them. Her favorite recipe is pesto. She’s now a high schooler in Evanston, Illinois just north of Chicago. She works hard at her studies and enjoys swimming, writing, and acting on stage.

Co-host - Olivia Gerasole, 14
At the ripe old age of 7, Olivia “Liv” Gerasole was the only single-digit James Beard Award-winner on the planet! In addition to her co-hosting duties on, Liv can play the piano, walk a tightrope and make an incredible fresh blueberry pie. Liv loves school and is a straight-A student in her hometown of Evanston. When she’s not making her favorite snack (Berry Dip-N-Roll) you can find her perfecting her waltz jump at the local ice skating rink, dancing a jig or teaching her chihuahua Consuelo to “sit.”

Co-Producer - Gaylon Emerzian
Emerzian began cooking up in 1992, while directing an educational program for National Geographic on the USDA Food Pyramid. A ten-year old actor, thrilled with his efforts in combining different food groups into a pizza exclaimed to his mom, “I made it myself-- I always thought pizza came in a box!” Eureka!

Noodling with the neighborhood foodies netted her two spunky hosts and Spatulatta was born. Emerzian is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker with a rich and varied background in television and film production. She’s a principal of Trillium Productions. Her one-hour documentary on artisan cheesemakers: “Living on the Wedge” was also nominated for a James Beard Award.

Read Gaylon's Blog: A Pinch of Reasoning

Co-Producer - Heidi Umbhau
Umbhau has a background in television news and public relations. She formerly worked for the US Senator from Hawaii. Emmy Award winner, she has anchored TV news at several stations and was featured as the health reporter.

Currently, she’s a media trainer based in Chicago. But her most important job is that she is Belle and Liv’s mom - filling their childhoods with wonder, fairy parties, Girl Scout campouts and love. Her cake decoration expertise and craft ability give Spatulatta that extra pop that kids adore.

Editor - John Scott
Scott made his television debut at 11 making pizza on an Indianapolis news program. Scott’s quirky humor is evident in his editing style not only on Spatulatta but also on another James Beard Award nominated program “Living on the Wedge: Wisconsin Artisan Cheesemakers.” Scott’s quiet demeanor belies his ruthlessness in the editing room.

Community Out-reach – Marcus Farne
Farne believes in healthy balanced living where eating healthy is a life style and should begin at an early age. Currently studying Spirituality and Business at DePaul University. With experience in theatrical, industrial and voice-over acting, Farne brings a variety of talents to the sales and marketing division of Spatulatta.

Lisa Hoffman - Graphic and Retail Design
Lisa is responsible for the new look of Spatulatta and the Spatulatta Shop. She's a remarkable team member, coming late to the party but fitting right in. Her playful color sense paired with a knowledge of user psychology has made the new Spatulatta website an especially fun place.

Your Plan B - Webdesign
Jamey Brumfield and David Birdwell head up the tight-knit project team at Your Plan B Company.  Winners of a 2006 Webby Honoree Award for their “Pirates of the Carribean” fansite for Disney, they are also 3 time winners of the Illinois Association of Museums award for online exhibition sites with the Kenilworth Historical Society, Hoosier Grove Museum and The Chicago History Museum (2000, 2003 and 2004 respectively).  They are the code wizards that make Spatulatta function!

Illustrator - Daniel Herro
Herro designed the playful tools and implements for the Spatulatta website.  Beginning his career as freelance artist/designer/illustrator/web builder, Herro is currently Head Preparator at the Haggerty Museum of Art in Milwaukee, WI. There he spends most his time preparing artwork and spaces for exhibitions. When not spending his free time with his amazing wife and beautiful 10 month-old daughter, Herro enjoys working on his artwork, and a select few freelance projects. Spatulatta being one of them.

Musician - Greg Curvey
The “Kitchen Symphony” that greets every visitor to Spatulatta is Cruvey’s brainchild. Trained in classical pan and cheese grater, Curvey plays rock and roll with “The Luck of Eden Hall.” Curvey is also the proud dad of 19-month old Seda. Her name means “voices of the forest” in Armenian.