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What happens when we apply heat to food? It really COOKS!

Team Spatulatta has been invited by the Liberty Science Museum to take part in Cooking the Exhibition, a new experience under development at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ.

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Cooking: the Exhibition is an exploration of the everyday science experiment that defines our cultures, our bodies and our planet.

The exhibition will open at the Liberty Science Museum in 2011 and then travel throughout the country. You can see it in New Jersey or it might be coming to a museum near you.

Most of us don't think of cooking as a science experiment but you'd be surprised at just how much science is involved in getting your food to the table. The exhibit will look at what happens when you carmelize onions, what is the chemical reaction that turns meat brown and otheramazing molecular happenings.

Why do we cook food?

Exhibit designer Wayne LaBarr says, "Through cooking we prepare our sustenance to improve its safety, increase what can be consumed and enhance the pleasure we receive from our meals, while also drawing our individual and group identities from it."

Why is everyone buzzing about what goes on in the kitchen?

LaBarr continues, "In the 21st century, cooking has taken on added importance and attention as this universally shared, species-bonding activity now increasingly influences and impacts our nutritional and overall health. It has become the focus of media attention and cultural efforts and is critical to the “growing” issue of food sources and the sustainability of our modern society,"

Heady stuff! Who knew that was all happening on top of our stoves and in our ovens?

You can join in the development and ideas for the project by visiting