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Handing Down the Love

Sabrina, Cody and Taylor call their grandmother Gammy. Whenever they visit Gammy they always head right to the kitchen. Gammy is a fabulous cook and each time they visit the girls learn a few more of her secrets.

This is how family traditions are past down from one generation to the next.

You can ask your grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins for family recipes. In fact, ask them all! Because sometimes great-grandma taught one person her recipe for shortcake while another person learned her recipe for icebox cookies.

Have them help you write them down or copy them. If no one has ever written down the recipe, offer to cook the recipe with whoever knows how to make it. Have them teach you the recipe.

Lots of cooks don't measure ingredients but you can get the measurements by asking your source to stop along the way so you can put the ingredients into measuring cups or spoons and write the recipe down.

Gathering the recipes can be a whole family activity. A cookbook with those recipes can be a great for family reunion, or as a gift for someone going off to college or getting their first apartment.

And while you're at it, ask your family members how old they were when they first remember eating a certain recipes. You might even get a story or two while you're at it.

Our families are treasure troves. Their stories are our history.

You'll need:

  • Patience!
  • Persistence!


  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil
  1. Hang out in the kitchen on holidays or when you go for a visit.
  2. Bring up the subject of family recipes.
  3. Write down the recipe.