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The worldwide success of Riverdance has made Irish dance popular. Troupes of Irish dancers have sprung up all over the United States. It's thrilling to watch their lightning fast footwork. The girls dress in beautiful costumes with hand-embroidered Celtic designs and their curling wigs bounce as they launch themselves high into the air.

Our guest cook Maggie has been studying Irish dance since she was just 4-years old. She is one of the Burke Irish Dancers.

We visited them during a practice session and learned that more people are involved in Irish dance in the United States than in Ireland.

The Burke Dancers compete in regional and national competitions. It's hard work to get your feet to fly like that. These young women are true athletes and push themselves to their limits as their teachers encourage them to kick their legs higher than their heads.

The History of Irish Dance is fascinating but its just one part of the rich Irish culture.

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Irish Pride doesn't end on St. Patrick's Day. There are Irish Heritage and Celtic Music festivals in major cities around the US.