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Natural Dye for Eggs Print E-mail

Before there were little tablets you bought at the store, eggs were dyed using various vegetables or vegetable skins. It's not quick, it's not easy but it is fun and interesting!

You'll need:

  • Your choice of vegetable
    (Red onion skins, fresh beets or raspberries make RED
    Yellow onion skins make ORANGE
    Ground turmeric makes YELLOW
    Spinach leaves make PALE GREEN
    Red cabbage leaves make BLUE)
  • White vinegar
  • A non-porcelain pot (porcelain with take the dye)

  1. Lay your eggs in a single layer in the pot.
  2. Add the vegetable for the color you want. Don't scrimp because it takes a lot of vegetables to dye a few eggs. For example, it may take a whole head of cabbage for just 6 eggs.
  3. Pour in water until the eggs and vegetables are covered. You don't want too much extra water because the dye won't be strong enough.
  4. Add about a teaspoon of vinegar.
  5. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.
  6. Remove the eggs from the pot. If you want your eggs to darker shade, put them back into the pot with the dye and let them stand in the refrigerator overnight.
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