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Separating an Egg Print E-mail

Lots of recipes call for eggs to be "separated."  That means the white of the egg (the runny clear part) has to be divided away from the yolk (the bright yellow ball). The white and yoke come in a clever protective packaging – the shell.

You'll need:

  • An egg
  • Two small bowls

This is a cooking "technique" and may take a lot of practice.

  1. Tap the middle of the egg on the edge of a small bowl. Too hard and you will break the yoke. Too soft and you may have lots of little shell pieces to deal with. If you do this well you will have two half shells.
  2. Once the shell has broken, gently tip the egg so that the larger half of the shell is down. That will allow some of the white to pour out while the yoke is safe.
  3. Now carefully transfer the yoke to the smaller half of the shell. Go slow. Let the white slide out around the yoke.
  4. Once the yoke seems nearly clear of the white you can drop it into the second bowl.
  5. If there is a little white in with the yoke it is okay.  But if there is yoke in with the white you will have to start again because egg whites have to be very clear to make lots of recipes work.