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Why Bees Are Important Print E-mail

Bees are amazing creatures. Tiny as they are, they can fly at 15 miles per hour. They spend their lives gathering nectar to feed their community--and at the same time they do something very important for us.

As the bees poke their heads and bodies into flowers to get nectar, they brush against parts of the flowers that hold pollen. Little hairs on their bodies trap the pollen. As the bees go from plant to plant, they brush against the insides of other flowers and distribute that pollen. This is called pollination and it is absolutely necessary for plants to make seeds and fruits. Many of those seeds and fruits wind up in our grocery baskets and on our dinner tables.

If you would like to know more about beekeeping, go to the American Beekeeping Federation website

Take a look at their 4-H Essay Contest link. 4-H is a club for young people, ages 5 to 19. It's a club where you learn about farming and farm animals, citizenship and health. The 4-H members take on projects that teach by doing. That project might be raising a calf, learning to sew or starting a beehive.

The 4-H members' top essays about bees and beekeeping are posted on the American Beekeeping Federation website. The young writers gathered some amazing history and facts about honey and bees.

If you'd like to learn more about 4-H and the things they do, take a look at their virtual farm.