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Mixed Citrus Squeeze Print E-mail


You'll need:

  • 2 blood oranges
  • 1 pink grapefruit
  • 2 tangerines
  • A little adult help


  • A knife
  • A juicer
  • A spoon
  • A large-mouthed glass or glass measuring cup with a spout
  • Several small juice glasses
  1. Cut the oranges, grapefruit and tangerines in half. Use your fingers or a spoon to clear out as many seeds as you can.
  2. Put the large glass or the glass measuring cup under the spout of the juicer.
  3. Take one half-orange and place it with the cut side down over the cone of the juicer. If it is an electric juicer, you will need to hold the orange down tight as the juicer spins the ribbed cone and forces the juice out of the flesh of the orange. We used a press-type juicer. We put the orange half on the cone of the juicer and then pulled down the lever that brought the squeeze plate down over the orange and pressed the juice out.
  4. Turn the orange over and see if the juicer pressed out all the juice. If not, try it again.
  5. Repeat with the other 3 orange halves, the grapefruit halves and the tangerine halves. Each time the juice will pour into the large glass.
  6. When all the fruit has been squeezed, give the juice a quick stir and pour into the small glasses.