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Sparkling Apple Surprise Print E-mail

You'll need:

  • Fresh pineapple - sliced in long wedges
  • Fresh strawberries - whole
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Ice cubes
  • Soda water - unflavored
  • Apple juice
  • Orange juice
  • A tiny bit of adult help


  • Tall glasses
    1. Thread a slice of pineapple onto a skewer and top it with a strawberry. Set these aside to use as garnish.
    2. Put 4 ice cubes in each glass.
    3. Fill each glass half full of soda water.
    4. Next pour in enough apple juice to fill the glass ¾ full.
    5. Top off with orange juice.
    6. Stand the skewered pineapple up in the glass like a flag and serve while still bubbly.