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Sailboat Salad Print E-mail

This salad is basically art that you eat! You paint a sea scene with crunchy vegetables.

You'll need:

  • A cucumber - cut in thin slices
  • 12 edible pea pods
  • A jicama
  • A yellow pepper - cut in half and seeded, top trimmed
  • 1 small tomato
  • A carrot - cut in matchsticks
  • Your favorite creamy salad dressing
  • Adult help


  • A plate
  • A sharp knife
  • Kitchen shears
  • A tablespoon
  • A butter knife
  1. Have dad or whoever is helping you slice the jicama into large 1/2 inch thick slices. From the slices, trim one large (3 inch high) and one small (2 inch high) triangle to make the sails.
  2. Next, ask for help slicing the cucumber into 1/4 inch rounds. Cut these in half for the white caps of your waves.
  3. Trim the yellow pepper to look like a boat hull.
  4. Lay out the edible pea pods on the lower half of the plate. These are the waves. Slide cucumber slices in between to make the waves foamy white caps.
  5. Next, add your boat hull and your jicama sails.
  6. The last part is to add the bright sun above. Have dad cut the top off the tomato. Use the tablespoon to hollow out the seeds. Don't dig too deep because you're creating a bowl for your salad dressing.
  7. Fill the tomato with dressing and put it up in sky above your boat.
  8. Arrange the carrot matchsticks like rays streaming out from the sun.
  9. Avast me hearty! Your salad is ready to eat.