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Foraging Wild Food Print E-mail

This is the most adventurous culinary experience we've ever had on Spatulatta - WILD FOOD!

The idea of foraging for "wild" food is interesting. We might think of wild food as plants that are growing in the forest or on the prairies. But there are plenty of things we pass by, step on or yank out that are edible.

We're not saying everything out there is edible. Oh no, no, no!

In fact, there are lots of plants that can make you really, really sick.

If you forage, you want to make sure you know the area so you can make sure that your wild plants haven't been sprayed with something yucky.

So if you want to forage, ask around for someone who knows what they're looking for. You might be surprised. Maybe you have a grandmother who picks dandelion greens, or an uncle who makes mulberry wine. Or you can ask at your local nature center. There are foragers hidden among us.

Foraging is a skill that has been handed down since the beginning of time. Before agriculture, it was the only way to get plant food. An older person would show a child the edible plant and the child would have to memorize what the plant looked like, how if felt, how it tasted, and the kind of area it liked to grow in. Kind of sounds like how the idea of school might have started.

You can find out a lot more about foraging from by surfing the web or going to the library.

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