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Armenian Easter Egg Competition Print E-mail

We joined the Armenian language class at the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) in Chicago for a special holiday event.

The Armenians, like many other cultures, celebrate the Christian holiday, Easter, with colored eggs.

There are beautiful Armenian Easter Eggs. They are reddish, and have lovely designs. Check out Anoush's blog for directions on how to make beautiful traditional Armenian Easter Eggs.

There are also Armenian Easter Eggs made to be broken.

Each person picks an egg that she or he thinks is a winner. Two people knock the ends of their eggs together. The egg that doesn't break is the winner. That person goes on to challenge more and more people. They knock eggs together until there is only one egg left whole.

Then everyone peels there egg and eats!

It's just for fun. The only prize is having your egg survive through the whole event.