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Mitten Clips Print E-mail

You can use these little clips to attach gift cards to presents, to hang holiday cards on string or to hang Christmas ornaments on the tree. They can clip place cards to the plate or be used instead of a napkin ring.

{Makes 4-8 clips}

You'll need:

  • Light cardboard
  • Brightly colored felt
  • Glue
  • Pompoms, glitter or beads
  • Old fashioned "pinchee" clothes pins


  • scissors
  1. Cut mitten shapes out of thin cardboard. We used the box from microwave popcorn.
  2. Trace around you mitten shape onto the felt. Press down in the middle of the mitten shape while tracing with the other hand.
  3. Cut the mitten shape out of the felt. Match it to the cardboard shape so the "thumbs" on both piece line up on top of each other.
  4. Spread glue on the cardboard and press the matching felt piece on top of it.
  5. Decorate you mitten with pieces of contrasting color felt, pompoms or whatever you like.
  6. Next, put glue along the edge of a "pinchee" clothes pin. Press the glue-covered side of the clothes pin to the cardboard with the part that opens nearest the top of the mitten.
  7. Lay the felt side of the mitten down until the glue dries.
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