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Belle and Liv's Trip to Italy Print E-mail

Liv and Belle's Dad's side of the family is from Italy and they love to visit there. They've been to Venice and Florence. They have lots of friends there. They especially love their Aunt Stefania. She's not their real aunt, but she's their papa's really close friend and the girls love her like family.

In Verona, the town where Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is set, Belle and Liv got a special treat. They were invited to Count Arvedi's palacio in Verona's countryside for a party. It was like a fairy tale. The girls and their mom got to wear fancy dresses and Papa wore a tuxedo.

They were served dinner "al fresco." Tables with white linen tableclothes were set outside on the grass and the food was served by waiters with white gloves.Then, everyone was treated to a private fireworks display and opera singers.

Not what your average kid does in Italy!