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We have some things we want to share with you. Some are fun, like our outtakes. Others are useful, like links to organizations. We will post more as we find them.

The Spatulatta recipes are designed to be a cooperation between parent or adult family member and child. We let Livvy and Belle try new techniques but mom or another adult is always hovering off screen waiting to step in when called upon.

When it comes to working in the kitchen, you know your child. You know what abilities your child has and how fine his or her motor skills are. Some children are ready to handle a certain kitchen utensil or work at the stove earlier than others. You will have to make that determination.

Our recipes are rated with 1 to 3 spatula icons. You might try some of the "one spatula" recipes first, just to get a handle on your child's ability.

The adults on the Spatulatta staff function as sous chefs for the children. We handle all the chopping, slicing and dicing and set the ingredients out in bowls. The girls help measure, mix, fold and crimp pastry. There’s plenty for them to do without handling any knives. We do let them use kitchen scissors because they have demonstrated skill with paper scissors.

We recommend that you set the standards in your kitchen. For example, that you will always light the burners and oven for your children - and make sure that they understand that they are not allowed to take those steps until they have reached a skill level that you are comfortable with.

Please go over the workings of every electrical appliance with your child and any "guest cooks" that enter your kitchen. For example, explain that the beaters should be inserted into a hand mixer before the mixer is plugged in.

Safety and courtesy are behaviors that need to be re-enforced and modeled. Some large companies have safety meetings every morning to remind their workers how to handle equipment safely. And these are adults!

Once you've explained how to handle an item safely, try asking the child to tell you how to do it the next time the situation comes up. We all learn best when we try to teach.

We hope you and your child will enjoy the Spatulatta experience as much as we do!