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Mommie Blogs

The Family Dinner Book

A fabulous resource for gathering the family around the table.

Scrambled Cake

Our pal Kim and her two boys, Issac and Ethan are constantly exploring. Join them for fun, food related adventures.

Her tag line: Better Parenting Through Coffee - says it all!

Great writing, hot topics!

The Mommy Blog

Providing the support every mom needs

Groovy Mom

PHAT Mommy

Foodie Blogs


Adorable graphics and fun recipes for kids to make.

Lunch In A Box

Biggie makes the cutest bento boxes. Adorable and tasty. Wouldn't you love to open your lunch box and find sushi smiling at you?

Karina's Kitchen

Karina calls herself the Gluten-free Goddess. She also makes lots of vegan recipes. Her photos are super.

Pinch My Salt

Gorgeous photos and unique recipes like Persimmon Tabbouleh.

Healthy Eating Partners

Apple & Eve

Brassica Protection Products

Cookery Circle 

Cooking with Clive

The Edible School Yard

The Great Big Vegetable Challenge

Great Harvest Bread

Kid Fresh

Healthy Schools Campaign 

National School Food Challenge

Nibble Play Cafe

Organic Valley - Family of Farms

SlowFood USA

Farm-to-Table Partners

The Land Connection

The Green City Market

Livvy and Belle did a cooking demo there last summer

The Dane County Farmers Market

Visit with our artisan cheesemaker friends in Madison WI

The American Beekeeping Federation

Spatulatta had a visit from the ABF Honey Queen

The Great Pumpkin Patch

A wonderland of curcurbits. 400 varieties of squash, pumpkins and gourds from around the world. School groups are welcome.

Farm-to-Table Links

Local Harvest

Farmer's Markets U.S.

Farm to

New York State

Illinois Farm Direct

Sharing the Wealth Links

Kiva - micro-loans that change lives


New White House Chef Skewers School Lunches

Kids and Food Allergies: What You Need to Know

Food Allergies

How a Healthy Diet Can Reduce Violence and Rudeness, and Increase Your Child's IQ

Your Child's Weight



      Nutritional Requirements by Age

Allie's Green Answers

The Enterprising Kitchen

Lunch in A Box

Andrea's Recipes

Acne Assasin

Mothering Magazine

Chicago Parent

Chicago Area Association for the Education of Young Children

Bonnie's Blog with Bonnie & Steve Minsky

3/4 cup health news,

1/4 cup nutritional concepts news, and a dash of our opinion

Children's Nutrition Guide

Allergic Girl Blog

ANDI - Autism Network for Dietary Intervention

The Best Baby Strollers - Parent Resources

For parents with babies and beyond

Kids Health

Kids Lit Blog

Healthy Child Online

Holistic Moms Network

MedlinePlus - Food Allergies

A Cultural Recipe Book

The Field Trip Factory

Home School Potpourri

Inspired Parenting

Natural Child Project

Doug Bard

Kids Culinary Camp Ad