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Arrange Mom's Tray Print E-mail

You'll need:

  • Tray or cookie sheet
  • Your hand-made mat
  • Napkin
  • Fork, knife and spoon
  • Flower in small vase (optional)

You want to arrange things on the tray so that when it is placed in front of mom, grandma or your special lady it will be easy for her to reach. Besides your Fruit and Granola Parfait, Canadian Bacon Sandwich and "Mom's the Star" toast you will want to give mom a napkin, a fork, spoon and butter knife.

She would probably appreciate a little butter or margarine and some jelly for her toast. Maybe she would like coffee, tea or juice. It's up to you.

All this will make the tray heavy so you might want to ask someone older, with great balance and lots of muscles to help you carry it into the bedroom.

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