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Mitten Placeholders Print E-mail

We saw these cute mitten placeholders in a catalog and we thought we'd see if we could make them. You can personalize them by using fabric paint write names on them.

{Makes 6 placeholders}

You'll need:

  • 6 squares of red, yellow or blue craft felt
  • 1 square each of white and green felt
  • 6 jingle bells
  • 1 skein of white embroidery floss
  • A little adult help


  • Scissors
  • A needle with a large eye
  • A stapler
    1. Copy the the templates in the print recipe.
    2. Fold a square of red felt in half and trace the mitten shape on it.
    3. Cut through both layers of cloth.
    4. Cut an 18 inch length of embroidery floss and thread your needle. Make a knot on the end of the thread.
    5. Starting at the cuff, blanket stitch the mitten together. If you've never done a blanket stitch, here's what to do: start about 1/3 inch from the edge, slide the needle through both pieces of cloth then pull the thread through. Move about 1/3 inch further down the edge and slide the needle through the cloth again. This time, just before you get to the end of the thread, pass the needle through the loop.
    6. After you have sewn the mitten together, cut the cuff shape out of the white felt.
    7. Push the end of the cuff a little ways into the mitten, then staple it to the front of the mitten. Don't staple it to both sides or you won't be able to put the silverware inside.
    8. Cut a 4 x 1 inch strip of green felt. Fold it in half and then position the holly leaf so the square end is on the fold. Trace the outline then cut the double leaf or "holly sprig" out of the felt.
    9. Make a new knot in your embroidery floss.
    10. Starting inside the mitten, poke the needle through to the middle of the cuff and the middle of the holly sprig.
    11. Thread the jingle bell onto the needle then push the needle back into the middle of the holly and through to the inside of the mitten. You can go through the bell twice to make sure it stays put.
    12. Tie off you embroidery floss and clip the extra off.
    13. Now you're ready to arrange the silverware inside and place the mitten on the plate.

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