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Here's a fun craft project that will set the table off in the undersea theme. We used blue acetate but you can use clear or green.

You'll need:

  • A large sheet of craft foam or construction paper
  • A 8 by 10 inch sheet of clear acetate
  • Duct tape - silver is best
  • Felt squares or construction paper


  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue or paste
  • A little help
  1. Start by laying the large sheet of craft foam on the table.
  2. Next, lay the acetate sheet so it is centered on the craft foam. Doing this will help you judge just how much you can fill your "aquarium." Set the acetate aside for now.
  3. Cut out shapes for fish and sea weed, bubbles, starfish, etc.
  4. Arrange your undersea creatures.
  5. Lay the acetate over them and make sure they will all fit underneath. Set the acetate to the side one more time.
  6. Glue your creatures and plants in place.
  7. Cover them with the acetate one last time.
  8. Ask for help from an older sibling or a friend. Because duct tape is so very sticky, it's really easy to get it stuck to itself.
  9. Pull off a strip of duct tape as long as your aquarium is tall. Split the tape in half the long way, then tape one side of the aquarium. You may need to make a small cut on one end of the duct tape with the scissors to start the tear. Then one person pulls one way and the other person pulls in the opposite direction.
  10. Smooth the acetate over your creatures and tape the other side down.
  11. Cut off another piece of tape that will fit the length of the aquarium. Tear this piece in half the long way too.
  12. Tape the top and bottom of your aquarium.
  13. Now you have a place mat that is not only attractive but in a pinch will wipe clean.
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