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Handy Flag Tshirts Print E-mail

The art on these T-shirts are known as mono-prints. Your hand becomes the printing plate.

You'll need:

  • White T-shirts
  • 2 large brown paper bags for each shirt
  • Small paper cups
  • Red and blue fabric paint


  • 1 inch wide sponge paint brush
    1. Start by putting one brown paper grocery bag inside the other. Fold them flat.
    2. Slide the flatten bag inside the T-shirt. This will keep the paint from soaking through to the back of the shirt.
    3. Pour a little red paint into one cup and blue paint into the other.
    4. Close your thumb and fingers of your right hand.
    5. Ask mom or an older sibling to paint the lower half of your thumb and the flesh pad below it blue.
    6. Have them paint stripes on the rest of your palm and paint your fingers red.
    7. Spread your fingers wide but keep your thumb tight against your hand.
    8. Place your hand down firmly on the T-shirt. Press down. When you lift your hand, there will be an American flag. Quite handy, wouldn't you say?